Are Liquor Stores Open On Thanksgiving Day in 2022

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Thanksgiving is one of the US holidays that you might need to prepare for weeks or months before.

Once you plan by October, you probably know where you’ll spend the holiday and the number of individuals that will go to dinner if you are hosting.

The most important part of the show is the Thanksgiving meal which must be planned and served well.

It might take you some time to prep the turkey, the desserts, the side dishes and a handful of other activities that will make you and your guest enjoy the holiday and make it memorable.

Despite all these, part of planning might be left out until the last minute- the drink that will be served with dinner.

A Thanksgiving party is not complete without the Thanksgiving Cocktail, and you might need to include a plan to get a bottle of wine or two or alcohol for the cocktail.

In any case, don’t be disappointed; not all alcohol stores are open on Thanksgiving Day. You will need to read the information below to know which liquor stores are open on Thanksgiving day.

Wisconsin YES
Wyoming YES
Washington YES
West Virginia YES
Utah NO
Vermont YES
Virginia FEW No sales of liquor
Texas FEW No sales of liquor
New York YES
Tennessee YES
North Carolina FEW No sales of liquor
South Dakota YES
South Carolina YES
Rhode Island NO
North Dakota NO
Ohio FEW No sales of liquor
Oklahoma NO
Oregon YES State-owned store closed
Pennsylvania FEW All board-owned stores closed
New Mexico YES
New Jersey YES
New Hampshire FEW No sales of liquor
Nevada YES
Nebraska YES
Montana FEW No sales of liquor
Missouri YES
Minnesota FEW No sales of liquor
Mississippi FEW Stores closed in Cleveland
Michigan YES
Massachusetts NO
Maryland YES
Maine YES
Louisiana YES Sales restrict in some parishes
Kentucky YES
Kansas NO
Iowa YES
Indiana YES
Illinois YES
Idaho YES
Hawaii YES
Georgina YES
Florida YES
Delaware NO
Connecticut FEW Some stores are closed
Colorado YES
California YES
Arkansas YES
Arizona YES
Alaska YES
Alabama FEW No Liquor, Only wine and beer

How Is Thanksgiving Celebrated In The USA?

Thanksgiving Day is a day for US individuals to express gratitude for what they have.

Families and companions get together for a feast, which customarily includes a dish of turkey, stuffing, potatoes, vegetables, cranberry sauce, sauce, and pumpkin pie.

Why Is Thanksgiving So Important?

As you express gratefulness, each closed door in your life will be reopened. Thanksgiving brings all-out liberation from every one of your difficulties.

How Long Is Thanksgiving Holiday In the USA?

Thanksgiving Day is the fourth Thursday in November; however, numerous Americans require a day of holiday on the following Friday to make a four-day long weekend, during which they might go significant distances to see loved ones.

Is Thanksgiving A Holiday in the USA?

Thanksgiving is a government holiday in the US, celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November.

It is once in a while called American Thanksgiving (outside the US) to recognize it from the Canadian holiday of a similar name and related festivals in different areas.

What Is The Main Focus Of Thanksgiving In The United States?

Thanksgiving, which happens on the fourth Thursday in November, depends on the colonial pilgrim in 1621 harvest dinner.

Americans have to assemble for a day to eat together as a family. Some are even enjoying the day with football.


Thanksgiving Day is a holiday that must be planned carefully if you want to make it a memorable one.

Planning includes what to eat and drink for you and your guest. The drink is an integral part of any party, which includes Thanksgiving Day.

Determining beforehand which liquor store will be open for business on Thanksgiving Day is necessary for you to know where to get your wine.

However, you might also need to plan for the children to have fun while adults are attending a Thanksgiving cocktail party.

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