Best Christmas Saving Challenge for 2023

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Christmas has earned a reputation as a spending period, where we lower our savings guards and indulge in shopping for everything. If you want to do things differently this year and avoid spending money set for next year for Christmas gifts, then we urge you to consider this Christmas-saving challenge. During the holiday season, gift prices skyrocket, and most people think about the Christmas budget in December. Well, this challenge will help you plan even a few weeks before Christmas to learn how to save for the December shopping spree without hurting your pocket.

When you are financially prepared for the coming holiday, you will not need to take a loan or jump into an emergency fund to buy Christmas gifts.

Easy and Fun Way to Participate in Christmas Saving Challenge

This challenge is different from the regular ones that require you to set aside a specific amount of money every week. Our Christmas saving challenge allows you to decide how much you are willing to save daily and then cross out the amount on your worksheet.

At the end of the month, you will have crossed out every square on the worksheet and saved $500 or $240 based on the challenge you have taken. You can even decide to distribute these challenges with your spouse so that, in the end, the family would have $740 for Christmas.

Tips to Succeed in the 30-day Christmas Saving Challenge

  • Decide on the 30-day money saving challenge the family will participate in
  • Use an existing saving account or create a new online savings account
  • Print the worksheet and hang it where it can be seen daily
  • Decide how much you should save each day and cross out the amount each day
  • Transfer the money into the savings account at the end of the day. (Doing this every day will keep you accountable and motivated)

Saving $500 in a 30-day Christmas Saving Challenge(2023)

30-day Christmas Saving 2022 Challenge

Depending on your financial circumstances, this challenge may not fit you. You could feel overstretched with it. Don’t worry; you can tailor-make your challenge and build from there. What is important is that you develop resilience and discipline to save, as this will mean less stress during the holidays. For instance, if you reduce the goal to $240, how would you go about it? Take a look.

Saving $240 in a 30-day Christmas Saving Challenge (2023)

30-day Christmas Saving Challenge 2022

Can I save $1000 for Christmas?

Yes, it is possible. You will need to tailor your challenge and stick to the plan. The beauty of this printable Christmas saving challenge is that you can extend, decide and do it in two months. However, you want to stick to the discipline and the routine of daily savings; otherwise, your brain may lead you off course.

Easy Tips and Tricks To Help You Meet Your Christmas Saving Target

Now that you have printed your Christmas saving plan, you wonder where to get the money. Since the clock is ticking, it is time to roll your shelves and start saving. You will need to know that savings require sacrifices and discipline to succeed.  You may need to do without some unnecessary expenses or earn extra cash for Christmas presents. Worry not; in a few seconds, we will highlight some simple but practical ideas for making more money or creating room in your budget to help you save. You can go to the basics of saving money.

How to Make Money for Christmas

Since some of you work full-time, you may not have much time left in your hands to make extra dollars. However, some of the ideas we present to you are easy to implement and do not need a lot of effort. Other ideas may not suit you; therefore, choose what fits into your schedule to propel you in saving money.

Use the Cashback App to Earn Money and Gift cards.

If you intended to purchase cashback or gift cards, you could register and get paid for using them. The gift cards or cash you have earned from using cashback apps can be spent on Christmas gifts. Cashback apps like ibotta allow you to sign up for free and begin earning daily o every purchase made.

Work Overtime or Ask For a Raise.

You could turn to your employer for more money if you are employed. You can argue your case, pointing out your value to the organization. As you request a raise, try to be as specific as possible. Don’t be shy to ask even if you think you will be turned down.

Additionally, you can ask if there is a chance of working overtime. Some organizations get busier on the holidays and would appreciate an extra hand. Even if they say no, you built a reputation as a hard worker.

Get a Seasonal Job

Some retailers and even some companies hire only for the season during the holiday. If your schedule permits it, you can land these jobs and earn extra cash for the Christmas saving challenge. Another advantage of working seasonally for a retail store would be the discount you can get here, which saves gifts money.

Sell the Things You Do Not Use

If your house if full of stuff you don’t use anymore, then it is time you declutter and sell them. You can showcase these items on eBay, Amazon or hold a garage sale. Alternatively, you could comb through the internet and sell them in other online shops available.

Take up a Side Hustle During the Holidays.

If you have a talent that you don’t use to earn money or are good at making stuff that could be sold, use this strength and make some extra cash. A side hustle could be as simple as walking a neighbor’s dog or cleaning services. You could also take up freelancing jobs to make some extra cash.

Final Thought

Though Christmas comes with extra expenditure, you will not need to go into debt to meet the holiday demands if you plan way. This Christmas-saving challenge will help you create money discipline, allowing you to save money in advance for a stress-free Christmas. Remember, it takes time to cultivate discipline, and it is sometimes painful; however, the reward is worthwhile. So, there you go! Start your Christmas Saving Challenge now!

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