How Many Jobs Are Available In Public Utilities In 2023

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Apart from dirty ways, another great way to make money while helping your community and society is by working in the public utility sector.

Many jobs in the public utility services sector comprised organizations that provide services like electric power generation and distribution, Natural gas supply, steam supply, water supply, and sewage evacuation.

These services create job opportunities for operators and engineers operating equipment and installations.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Public Utilities In the US?

There is a total of 982,723 engineers and operators in the employment of the utility industry, with an annual increase of 1.9% over five years.

Further data analysis shows that the average utility business has 12 staff. This has increased over the five years.

How Big Is The Utility Industry In The US?

The data published on the site of Ibis world shows that the revenue generated utility industry will be worth $962B in the year 2022.

With this revenue, the utility industry is expected to grow by 7.4% in 2022. With a growth of 2.1% on average between 2017 to 2022.

What Are The Prerequisites For a Utility Service Job?

A high school certificate or GED is required to get a utility service job.

Aside from the certificate, you will also need to a have experience as a utility worker in a similar position.

Electrical and mechanical Knowledge is also needed, coupled with the ability to operate some equipment.

You must also have Experienced in working with dangerous cleaning synthetic substances.

Is Public Utilities A Good Career Path?

Public utility jobs can be a fast lane to living a decent life for yourself; it’s an advancing and superb employment opportunity.

Every one of the public utility positions has its arrangement of obligations and advantages.

Working in Public Utilities may offer you a fantastic work impression for a long time.

However, you may need to consider the disadvantages of these vocations despite the opportunity involved.

It will help if you gauge the upsides and downsides of each job before concluding which one is appropriate for you.

Suppose you are keen on getting a job in public utility management due to your desire to keep your general public moving along as expected. In that case, a public utility vocation might be your ideal decision.

Here are some jobs available in public utility management in 2023.

1. Meter Reader

Salary: Earn up to $48,572 per annum

The main job of a Meter Reader is to read and record the household or organization’s consumption of power, water, or gas.

The recorded information will then be used to produce bills for how much power the consumer consumes.

Meter reader jobs come with attractive compensation and a robust benefits package.

You can earn up to $48,572 each year on this job. Some of the meter readers are full-time workers, yet some Meter readers might work part-time.

2. Utility Manager

Salary: Earn up to $86,929 per annum

The primary responsibility of the utility manager is to operate and maintain the supply of electricity, pipe-borne water, gas, and wastewater system.

They monitor the utility teams’ work and guarantee that everything works perfectly and proficiently.

The average annual payment for utility supervisors is around $86,929. Most utility managers work on a full-time basis. They additionally create and execute approaches and methods connected with the activity of the utilities.

3. Nuclear Licensing Engineer

Salary: Earn up to $120,814 per annum

They are liable for the safe and proficient activity of thermal energy stations.

Nuclear engineers work with different engineers and specialized staff to guarantee that the plant conforms to all security and regulatory prerequisites.

Nuclear authorizing engineers also create well-being plans, supervise plant execution, and direct examination of a new nuclear installation.

The number of nuclear engineers that work in public utilities is many compared to the private sector.

The average compensation for this set of engineers is $120,814 each year.

4. Water Resources Expert

Salary: Earn up to $65,270 per annum

As we all know, water is critical in the existence of humans. These experts oversee and safeguard our most significant regular resources.

These experts work in available utilities, creating and regulating water protection plans, observing water quality, and guaranteeing that drinking water doesn’t contain contaminants and satisfies all well-being guidelines.

Water resource experts commonly work all day, and a few positions might require extra time or stand-by work.

If you are interested in this profession, it is perhaps one of the most lucrative work—their guarantee of taking home up to $65,270 yearly.

5. Power System Dispatcher

Salary: Earn Between $48,000 and $124,000 per annum

A power system dispatcher coordinates power circulation among suppliers and buyers, both private and business.

They supervise to guarantee the ideal effectiveness and decide how much power is required daily.

Other responsibilities include answering calls of deficiencies or fixes and planning teams out to the area to fix the issue.

You can earn between $48,000 and $124,000 per annum in this job field.

6. Control Room Expert

Salary: Earn up to $51,526 per annum

In case you are looking for a self-fulfilling job, Working in a controlled space for a public utility can do that for you.

Apart from the opportunity of working with state-of-the-art innovation, you would also get to assist with keeping the lights on for your local area.

Control Room experts check the system and hardware that keep the public utility running.

They are also answerable for answering any emergency calls. The most extreme compensation in this job per year is $51,526.

7. Gas Regulator

Salary: Earn up to $90,538 per annum

They assume a fundamental part in keeping up with the security and proficiency of tasks.

Gas regulators are liable for checking and controlling the flowing of natural gas in a public utility setting. They work for both business and private clients.

Gas regulators work intimately with different individuals from the public utility group, such as engineers and client service representatives, to guarantee that the gas supply is protected and dependable.

Sometimes, gas regulators may likewise be answerable for answering crises. They can earn up to $90,538 each year.

8. Pipeline Regulator

Salary: Earn up to $94,937 per annum

As a Pipeline Regulator, you will be liable for the everyday activity of the pipeline system.

You will guarantee that the pipeline is worked securely and effectively and that all safety prerequisites are met.

You will likewise be liable for planning with different organizations and partners to guarantee that the pipeline system works in a way that helps all parties involved.

Public utilities commonly utilize Pipeline Regulators, and their compensations are proportionate with their experience and qualification. A typical pipeline regulator can go home with $94,937 annually.

9. Power System Engineer

Salary: Earn up to $104,068 per annum

These engineers are answerable for planning, dissecting, designing, and operating electrical power systems.

These engineers work at electric utilities, government offices, consulting firms, and telecom installation and assembling organizations.

They also work on transmission line configuration, power system planning, activity, and control.

Power system engineers are associated with exploration and growing new power system configurations.

On average, they earn around  $81,421 annually as their compensation.

10. Radiation Expert

Salary: Earn up to $48,572 per annum

Radiation engineers work in different businesses but mainly in the public utility sector.

Radiation engineers work in available utilities, for example, electric and water organizations, to guarantee that the offices meet all legal requirements for Radiation safety.

One of their core responsibilities is to develop and maintain safety procedures at the organization.

And also to train company staff on acceptable radiation safety measures.

They regularly earn remarkable pay rates, making up to $104,068 per annum.

Radiation engineers in the public utility employment area likewise commonly get fantastic assistance.

Final Thought

The utility sector is one industry that is said to have stead job security and also guarantee a decent salary.

As the population is growing and in need of utilities like electricity and water supply, so are the utility industry’s jobs.

There is a job for almost anybody in public utility, provided you have the required skills and qualifications.

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