How to Get Paid For Pictures Of Your Body In 2023

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Do you know you can make money with your body without appearing on TV or in a film?

Yes. You don’t even need to be a model or a Celebrity to get paid for your body pictures—many people are already making huge money from this business.

All you need is to sell the picture of your body online. In this article, I will take you through the ways and processes involved in getting paid for your body pictures.

What Are The Requirement For Selling Pictures Online?

Just like every other online business, selling body pictures for money requires some skills and character.

Before you jump into the business, make sure you have all prerequisites for the industry before you start.

Here are a few things you need to have or know before starting the process of making money while selling body pictures.

1. Patience

Every online business takes time to start yielding money, and you be patient when you want to make money from selling your pictures.

There is always a waiting time between when you set up your account, upload your picture and start getting sales or orders.

2. Beautiful Body

Since you are going to make money from selling of your pictures online.

You must have a beautiful body that will attract your audience and make them want to click and buy.

However, beautiful doesn’t mean color or race, and there is always a buys for any beautiful pictures when of color or not.

3. Platform

Another critical requirement for making money selling pictures online is a platform.

You will need a platform that will serve as a meeting point for those who want to buy your picture and those who wish to sell.

A platform is required for making money online whether it’s a marketplace, social media, or your website.

How To Make Money Selling Body Pictures Online

Once you are sure, you have all the requirements for selling your body picture online.

The next question is, where can I get paid for selling my body pictures? Fret not. The answers are right here below:

1. Pay Your Selfie

This is one of the top and simplest apps that purchases selfies and gives you cash on the internet.

To make money on this app, you are expected to take photographs of yourself doing specific exercises dictated to you by Pay Your Selfie.

Such exercises might include moving, drinking a beverage of your choice, flaunting your tattoo, or puncturing, among others.

These assignments are worth 20 cents to $1. When the taught task is finished, they pay you through coupons for limits. You are allowed to cash out once you get $20 or more in all-out deals.

Even though Pay Your Selfie can’t give you bunches of money or full-time pay, it’s an excellent method for getting some additional money for something you, as a rule, do, at any rate, i.e., take selfies and pictures of yourself.

2. Beatbox

BentBox is one of the best platforms to sell body pictures quickly. The platform brings numerous things to the table, including adult-only and mainstream content.

This means you have the choice to can change between the adult and non-adult content right from the setting page.

You can start by simply signing in with your email ID and begin transferring your photographs or videos, as you like.

You can set the pace of the photos that you are hoping to sell. However, most clients charge around $7 to $15/picture overall.

You can begin selling at a lower cost from the outset and afterward increment it slowly. Currently, this organization pays through direct bank move, Skrill, Amazon gift vouchers, and numerous choices.

3. 500px

You should attempt this site if you are searching for a part-time job that pays and adds to your portfolio.

With more than 16 million dynamic clients, this site is among the most well-known places to sell photographs on the web; clients make up to $150 per picture.

It has both a paid and a free rendition. You can either join by pursuing free or paying a piece extra for 500px Prime.

If you are new and looking for some way to bring money selling photographs of yourself, I recommend you go with the free choice first.

Be reliable and keep your portfolio new by adding new pictures.

Be that as it may, you will get 60% of the price for selective and 30% for non-selective pictures.

Besides the typical photograph selling, you can likewise partake in daily challenges. If you can raise a significant stake, you’ll pack an extra $500 for that.

Installments are usually made through PayPal. The most significant aspect of 500px is that it holds monetary compensations going from $150-$500+, offering you a huge chance to boost deals.

4. Foap

Get Paid For Pictures Of Your Body with foap
Source: Foap

Most assuredly, this mobile-enabled stage called Foap is one of the most incredible ways of getting paid for photos of your body this year.

You want to download the application from Apple App Store or Google Play Store and make a free account to get everything going.

After that, You can then start transferring your photographs through this application and get paid.

At the point when somebody buys your photo from the app, you have to split the money with Foap.

Foap merges people like you with brands searching for visual content for their internet advertising campaigns.

You can likewise take part in different contests where presumed brands search for new faces. Also, assuming you get chosen, you’ll get an additional $100 to $700/photograph by and large.

5. Begin Your Own Blog

Another strategy is to begin your blog, add your content, and use modules that enable you to charge clients before they can watch your video or pictures.

This strategy isn’t easy just because it is difficult to get guests on your blog from the beginning, and regardless of whether you bring guests, it will require an investment that isn’t worth the effort.

However, if you have huge followers on your social media channels, you can utilize them to divert to your site.

Once you get traffic on your website, you can start getting clients who want to buy your pictures.

6. FanCentro

fancentro : How to Get Paid For Pictures Of Your Body
Source: Fancentro

FanCentro is a platform that helps you monetize your followers, Individuals who follow you will end up being your clients.

It allows models and online influencers to develop a following.

Utilizing this platform is not free. You’ll have to pay for exceptional participation to enjoy additional features.

It empowers you to have content on your very own custom domain. If you own a domain name and wish to have your photos on your custom domain, you might do so and bring in cash.

Fancentro makes its money by charging  25% of its profit. It’s not awful, given they’re dealing with everything besides transferring photos.

7. Dreamstime

Dreamstime is one of the best websites for stock photos, accessible on android and iOS apps.

The good thing about this app is that you can keep the copyrights of your pictures for a long time.

For every photograph you are permitted to use or download on this platform, you’ll get $12. Notwithstanding, you’ll get around half the income share from that cost.

Also, when you cross the base payout measure of $100, you can pull out your income.

You can likewise sell a selective right of your photograph for an extra 10% reward. Furthermore, you can sell those freedoms for a most extreme time of three years.

8. Scoopshot

Scoopshot is where you can make money by selling your selfies. Notwithstanding, it won’t pay you instantly for transferring your photographs.

Instead, it offers a commercial platform where anybody can purchase your photographs.

Furthermore, when anybody buys any of the photographs you’ve transferred here, you’ll get the cash in your wallet.

But note that, You can only pull out that cash through a connected PayPal account once you gather the base payout sum.

After the regular upload of your photo, you can also take part in the day-to-day challenges that will allow you an opportunity to win an extra $5/photograph every day.

9. SmugMug

smughug : How to Get Paid For Pictures Of Your Body
Source: SmugMug

This is a place generally for the best photographers. It offers a 14-day free membership to display your photos in return for cash.

After which, you need to pay a monthly enrollment charge, which goes from $7 to $10 each month.

On the great side, you get to keep an incredible 85% of the money you make on this application.

They charge 15% as a commission expense. In contrast to most platform, with SmugMug, you can set the ideal price for your photographs after uploading.

SmugMug permits you to take responsibility for pictures. You can decide to make them private or public.

What’s more, besides, you can likewise utilize watermarks to add a layer of safety here.

Without much stretch, you can download this application on your phone on the google play store and begin using it.

10. Etsy

Most people who know Etsy as a typical platform for selling room styles and designs did not realize they could also sell their photographs for money.

As an internet-based stage, Esty attracts over 40 million buyers worldwide yearly.

It’s a massive market for the seller because Buyers rush to this web-based commercial center searching for selfies, drawings, prints, and self-taken photos.

However, you want to contribute a ton of time showcasing your photos if you’re going to sell and make money on Esty.

Do this by setting up your own Etsy store correctly. Along these lines, you can set your prices and increment your income.

The Etsy site takes a 5% commission as an exchange expense for each deal you make. You also get to keep around 20% of every sale and an exposed 3.5% of the deal cost.

11. Extra Lunch Money

ExtraLunchMoney is another excellent platform with a devoted escrow framework that help the sale of your pictures faster. This stage also permits you to sell your video recordings and texts.

After opening a free record, you’ll get a credit alert each time a client buys your photograph from its web-based store.

With the expectation of complimentary clients, you can recover every one of your credit points for $0.6. Furthermore, after you get a seller profile update, it will go up to $0.65.

Besides the standard chance to sell pictures and recordings, this site likewise has a phenomenal reference program where you can help your monthly income.

12. OnlyFans

Nearly every individual who sells her pictures or recordings

You can make your record on OnlyFans free of charge. To get more followers, you must keep your profile refreshed by posting new recordings and photographs daily.

The more you post, the more supporters you get and the more chances of making money.

Attempting to post pictures or recordings free of charge in the beginning and later put costs on some; furthermore, you can also sell your recordings.

13. Shutterstock

If you are a snapper by hobby or profession, Shutterstock is a great place to begin earning through your clicks. Shutterstock can give you up to 40% in commissions from a single photo. The earnings from Shutterstock depends on the tier you’re in and the revenue goes up as you go up the ladder. 

On top of that, you can also earn through referral links. Shutterstock also provides a contributor program, and it’s great and easy to start with. There are some standards that need to be fulfilled regarding the content you want to post on Shutterstock. If you qualify for that, you can join and start earning from the Shutterstock contributor program. 

The minimum payout to get your earnings disbursed is $35. You can receive your payments through PayPal, Payoneer, or Skrill. 

Final Thought

Getting paid for body pictures is an excellent passive way to make money online, but remember that you can make it a full-time job unless you have enormous followers who are always ready to buy your pictures.

Another downside of this is that, since you are uploading your pictures online for sale, your identity might be exposed and be at risk.

You will also need to choose your platform wisely as they are different and suitable for other purposes.

Once you have settled all these, you are good to go and make that money selling your body pictures.


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