How To Sell Feet Pics online and make In 2023

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Want to know how to sell feet pics online and earn extra money from home? It’s simple, and you don’t have to spend a penny.

This is an opportunity as you may be looking for more ways to make extra bucks.

In this post, You will be exposed to the process of making money from selling feet pics online.

How To Sell Feet Pics Online?

How To Sell Feet Pics Online

1. Know and Research your Audience

Before effectively selling your feet online, you must pay attention to your audience.

Paying attention to your audience will make you understand what they are searching for and investigate thoughts on how to serve them better.

2. Protect and Maintain your Feet

Since you want to make money from your feet, it’s better to protect and maintain them, which could be done in the following ways.

  • Clean Your Feet every Day.
  • Wear Perfect, Dry Socks.
  • Wash your feet daily.
  • Investigate Your Feet Consistently.
  • Cut Nails Cautiously and Routinely.
  • Continuously Wear Well-Fitted Shoes.
  • Moisturize Your Feet Around evening time.
  • Monitor Your Glucose.

3. Equip Yourself with Education

Teach yourself on every one of the roads you can cash from selling your feet pictures. Try not to allow your account to sit inactively without investing energy to track down likely clients. The cash won’t drop from the sky.

Learn various postures, showcasing procedures, and embellishments utilized by the people who are in the business to begin acquiring. Continuously upskill yourself with new data and ad-lib your substance.

4. Have Price Ranges

Have a wide variety of price tags while you’re evaluating various stages. The equipment you use to take pictures and recordings of your feet factor in too.

The nature of an image taken from an iPhone will be unique to an expert DSLR camera, and in this manner, the cost for these photographs will shift. Have a decent scope of costs to oblige the various clients you draw in.

Where Can I Sell Pictures Of My Feet For Money?

1. OnlyFans


OnlyFans has stood website where you can charge your viewers for viewing your photo and video.

You may now create one of two records with OnlyFans, where people will subscribe to access your materials.

Anybody can see your profile if it’s a free account, while only those who are premium members will gain access to the members-only content.

You can also attach a cost to a photograph or video you’ve submitted so that anybody can see and buy it.

You can likewise charge however much you need. The most reduced month-to-month membership price you can charge is $5; however, there’s no restriction to the limit of what you can charge.

2. WikiFeet


Wikifeet is principally pointed toward showing photos of superstars’ feet for individuals to see, which are accessible for free. Notwithstanding, it likewise has a forum where you can sell feet pics for cash.

Regarding how to sell feet pics online on Wikifeet, the gathering allows you to promote profiles you have on different foot pic sites or even your site assuming you decide to utilize that.

While this means that you’ll need to deal with payment independently from Wikifeet’s site.

You realize that the site’s clients have a positive interest in the thing you’re selling.

3. FeetFinder

 feet finder

FeetFinder is the best place for selling feet pics online, the quickest and most secure website.

It’s easy for people to make money from this site and keep their characters completely safe.

This is helped by the way that the photos are obscured until a buyer pays to see them.

To sell feet pics on FeetFinder, you must become an independent model.

The initial step will be to open an account, and once it’s approved, you can begin transferring your photographs and making money.

4. Tiktok

You must have heard about TikTok unless you have lived in a cave or somewhere on a remote island.

TikTok is a short-structure video-sharing platform that has assumed control over web-based entertainment, particularly in the previous year.

Organizations, content makers, telecommuters, specialists, educators, and even researchers have utilized this medium.

Begin by opening an account, and afterward, you can feel free to make brief videos with different editing and effect to show your feet.

The more engaging your videos are, the almost certain you will show up on the TikTok client’s pages.



Instant is a genuinely new website for individuals to trade feet pics. Clients pay under $10 each month to buy into the people who make these photographs accessible.

The people who upload their photographs are then paid, given the number of subscribers they have.

Instant is one of the most known sites for selling feet pics online to bring in speedy cash.

6. Whisper App

If you’re looking for an approach to sell foot photographs secretly, this is quite possibly in a whisper, which is the most remarkable application.

If you want to keep your character masked, download this software.

Whisper is a free program that secretly allows you to share photos and videos. Start by opening an account and start distributing your photographs.

7. Feetify

Feetify is one more web-based stage devoted to assisting individuals with purchasing and selling feet pics.

This app has over 73 000 active users; This implies that your profile should be exceptionally appealing to get the interest of possible clients.

Likewise, a component on your profile permits you to cooperate with clients, which empowers you to construct associations with your clients.

The site offers so many astonishing tools for potential buyers, like:

  • Highlighted pages to sell the specific sort of picture you need
  • High protection controls
  • Direct incorporation with PayPal for secure transactions.

To set up a Feetify account, visit their site and make a seller’s profile. You can then add a profile pic, cover picture, and bio and begin uploading excellent pictures.

8. Etsy

Etsy is an internet-based commercial center where you can trade extraordinary and fantastic things.

Etsy is a safe house for creatives since most of the things presented in the commercial center are old-fashioned, high quality, or customized.

To get started on Etsy, you will open a seller’s account. Once you get this done, you can open your own Etsy store and begin uploading your feet pictures for sale.

Remember to include a web address or email ID so that potential clients might have a way to contact you.

9. Foap


Foap is a stock photograph app that can help you transforms pictures into cash.

It’s both fast and simple to make a web-based portfolio and begin to sell your feet pics.

To make it fast, you must tag your photographs with appropriate keywords to ensure they get tracked down by likely buyers.

The only downside is that Foap charges 50% of your total income. But fret not; if you are consistently selling on the app, it can add up, and the charges become nothing.

10. Instagram

Instagram is an incredible platform for selling foot photographs. It’s as simple as utilizing suitable hashtags to sell foot photographs on Instagram.

To benefit from this component, open a business account to sell your foot photographs.

Business accounts give extra capacities and permit you to set up Instagram trade.

Potential clients can reach your business page or site by tapping on your connection when you label photos as Instagram shopping.

Remember to include a line in your profile telling individuals your pictures are available to purchase.

Another Subtle way to sell on Instagram is to Post frequently to keep your follower entertained.

You can also gain new followers by constantly uploading your photograph

11. Personal Website

Selling on your website is another strategy safe for making money selling your feet picture.

This is safe as you control your website and the payment platform you choose to receive payment from.

You can start by opening a website and uploading a fascinating picture of your feet.

The only downside of this method is your ability to drive traffic to your website.

12. Zazzle

Zazzle is a web-based business platform where clients can sell their fabricated items and designs or utilize pictures from different organizations.

The primary thought with Zazzle is to utilize photos of your feet onto a thing, suppose a mug or a pad.

For instance, if any potential clients are feet lovers, they can get photos of your feet redone onto a cushion.

13. Dollar Feet

dollar feet

DollarFeet permits you to sell videos or photos of your feet. They need new foot models, and you start by finishing up the model application form.

Ensure you have all the necessary data about yourself and some model photographs of your foot.

This app makes the payment using PayPal, Skrill, or a Gift voucher(which is not advisable).

To earn more dollars on Dollarfeet, you are advised to upload videos of your feet rather than pictures.

14. Stock Photo Sites

If you are sure you have great pictures of your feet, then you can start making money by selling them on stock photograph locales.

Whether it’s a delightful blogger discussing foot care or a spa business discussing pedicures, numerous bloggers and organizations require stock photos.

The ideal choices are taking great photographs of your foot, utilizing adequate lighting, or utilizing an expert picture taker.

You can always count on stock photo sites for the opportunity to sell your feet pictures. Examples of those sites are Unsplash, pixel, stock photo, and Shutterstock.

Who Will Pay For Feet Pictures?

Who Will Pay For Feet Pictures

1. Publishers

Publishers and news publication agencies always need feet pics for their publication.

They frequently buy and store them in their libraries since they could require to choose from many when the occasion demands.

2. Foot Model Agencies 

Modeling organizations continuously look for pictures to develop their creativity while reviving their displaying rundown, which incorporates those with appealing feet.

Take a look at any magazine that publicizes shoes.

You can likewise find this for organizations advertising beauty care products, similar to nail cleaning for the toes and things that prefer lotions.

3. Bloggers and Digital Marketers

Bloggers require these feet pics for illustration purposes, while digital marketers might need these pics for publicizing or advertising purposes.

However, you might need to agree to the terms and conditions that will apply if the individual who purchases your foot photographs has any desire to reuse them.

For instance, might they sell them at any point, do they need to reference you’re the source, etc

4. Artists and Painters

Artists and painters are known for coming up with crazy and uncommon ideas. For some’s purposes, pictures of feet are an ideal thought.

To this end, you stand a chance to sell to individuals seeking to purchase these photos for creative purposes.

5. Feet Lovers 

You can’t rule out the possibility that certain individuals would love feet.

Therefore they’re willing to pay some dollars for appealing pictures of feet.

These buyers can be regarded as high net worth clients. Selling to this group may not be an easy task for the beginner.

Therefore, precautions must be taken when dealing with this group of feet lovers, as some of them might be requesting something more personal than feet pics.

6. Stock Photo Websites 

These sites allow people to download the stock photo by paying tokens or for free.

You can sell your feet pics on these sites for money, while they can also be credited as the source for the picture by the users.

What you make on these sites largely depends on how people download your picture.

How To Sell Feet Pics Online Without Getting Scammed?

Tragically, like in any other online business, many scammers are crafty and ready to steal your content.

So if you’re thinking about how to sell your feet pics online without getting defrauded, these are what to remember.

1. Develop a Payments Pattern

This goes for any business involved; make sure you get paid before sending your feet pics or video recordings to the client.

To prevent any miscommunication, make it clear to them your payment terms and guarantee that everything is seen through to completion.

Excessive payments are something else to pay special attention to. Try not to acknowledge them.

There may be clients out there that “pay” you more and afterward will request that you pay the “balance” back to them.

Thus, envision this, you charge them USD 10 for the image, and they pay you USD 40.

They will then request that you move the “extra” payment back to them since they misconstrued the agreements of your arrangement.

It is one more strategy to trick you of your cash because besides the fact that they acquired photos of your feet, they inspired you to pay them unnecessarily.

2. Research the Buyer

It’s in your best interest to sell your feet pics to legitimate sites, so research is critical.

Take a look at their experiences, surveys (if accessible), and even space authority or spam score.

Be careful about any sites that appear to be dodgy or nasty, have very little data or individuals who request individual details like credit card information.

3. Don’t Give Out Personal Information

This warning is important, particularly when you have to return clients; it’s expected to start bonding and feel like you know each other.

While it might sound unpleasant, you don’t have the real identity and idea of who’s on the opposite side of any transaction.

Nonetheless, normal chatting can be a cover for somebody attempting to figure out more data about you so they can know who you are.

However, while it’s fine to be well-mannered and friendly, once you notice that the discussion is turning into personal information about you, stop and walk away from the conversation.

4. Always Receive Payment Before the Service

The best practice is to get payment before sending your client any photos.

However, you can send a sample to clients on request; send a somewhat foggy picture with a watermark.

You can also send them to your web-based entertainment profile so they can get a couple of your nonexclusive feet pics.

Have an unmistakable arrangement of rules and assumptions for your clients forthright to abstain from any misconception.

5. Always Accept Cash, Not Gift Cards

Accepting payment with gift vouchers instead of cash is another way you can fall into a scam trap nowadays.

If a client sends a gift voucher as payment for your product, then, at that point, they can disapprove the card before you get an opportunity to utilize it.

They get the item (your feet pictures) free of charge, and you’re left with nothing.

Although you can get over this by using the card, if its’ an Amazon gift voucher to purchase another gift card before the client can cancel it, the cash is yours.

But avoid all this trouble and pain; the best way is to accept cash as payment.

6. Set Your Prices And Don’t Budge On Them

Setting and haggling prices are integral parts of any business. But they are not something that you ought to acknowledge in this industry.

The best method to prevent scams or fraud is to set your prices and don’t budge. People will constantly attempt to push the limits, assuming it saves them a buck.

However, when you concur, they will take advantage of you by coming back in the future to haggle and reduce your prices.

This ties in pleasantly with the “defining limits” viewpoint.

That is, whenever you’ve set your value, that is your line for your great work – don’t think twice about assuming somebody loves what you’re offering; they’ll pay it.

7. Develop and Use a Business Account

You can protect yourself by using a business account for payment for your online transactions.

This includes social media channels, your banking, and particularly for receiving payments.

A business account provides an additional layer of security when Fraudsters attempt to switch the payment not long after they accept your item or utilize a stolen credit card.

8. Protect Your Pictures Online

It’s a usual practice for individuals who will attempt to take your photos without payment.

Make sure you watermark every image you have so on any occasion that, somebody is stealing your photos.

You can go to the essential step if you see your photos coursing on the web without your consent.

If you don’t watermark or protect the picture you sell or send to your clients, you might get into the hands of scammers.

9. Use Only a Secured Payment Platform

This carries me to my next point. Just utilize a secure payment platform to acknowledge payment.

Try not to accept checks as payment because those would be conveyed to your home, and afterward, they would have your actual place of residence.

If you are selling using an application, they will have suggested payment platforms propose inside their application, such as PayPal, Payoneer, Venmo, and so forth).

How Much Should I Sell For My Feet Pictures?

How Much Should I Sell For My Feet Pictures

The amount you charge for your feet pics can vary depending on the photographs taken. You can charge at least $5 and up to $100 for the pictures.

Recall that everything relies upon the client’s necessities, how they will utilize them, and your experience selling feet pics.

If you are a newcomer, you will charge lower than the experts.

You can raise your foot pic charges as you acquire more information and experience.

Is Selling Feet Pics Dangerous or illegal?

Selling feet pics are not dangerous or illegal, yet kindly try to avoid potential risk. Continuously conceal your face, never reveal what your identity is, and share no private information.

While we generally trust there are just extraordinary individuals purchasing foot pics on the web, you can never be excessively protected.

However, some cultural and religious beliefs forbid

What Are The Risks of Selling Feet Pics?

The risk is that you could have difficulty getting your first deal. Normally, it begins with disappointed clients, abnormal demands, and offering too low or unreasonable rates.

Aside from that battle, you should investigate various platforms to sell your feet pics.

The more platforms, the better the possibility of getting your most profitable and first sale.

Final Thought

Making money from selling your picture is not rocket science; it is very simple if you follow the procedures.

Using the appropriate channel and prescribed precautions is the first step to selling your feet pics without getting scammed.

Staying away from exposing yourself by giving away personal information is another way to succeed in this business. However, you can be too rigid when selling anything online.

Since it involves buying and selling, you will always need to give your clients what they want in exchange for money.

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