How to write a check for $40

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Do you constantly fret when you want to write a check? If your answer is yes, this post is the solution you have been looking for.

Nowadays, the check is a less popular means of payment today than a bank card or electronic transfer.

However, it can be helpful to know how to fill out a check for certain payments and thus avoid the inconvenience of refusing cash or check fraud.

But Knowing how to write the entire amount on a check (or checks) for $40 is necessary. In addition to teaching you how to write and spell $40 on a check using proper grammar, we will also provide you with an example of what a $40 check should look like. Let’s get to it right away.

Example of How To Write A Check for 40 Dollar

1. Write The Amount

In the box to the right of your check, you must enter the amount in figures that you wish to pay.

For example, if you have to pay $40.

However, there is no need to include the words “Dollars.” It is not essential. The check generally has two lines provided for this purpose and is located next to or below the mention of the mandate to pay.

Add a decimal point and two or two zeros over one hundred, even if there are no cents, as shown in the picture below. This stops other persons from changing the check’s amount.

To protect against any risk of fraud, it is advisable to draw a line after the Word centimes and avoid leaving blanks before and after the amount of the sum in words.

Please note that the amount written in words precedes the amount written in numbers.

2. Write The Date

Another mandatory information to specify when writing a check is the date. This is the 5th step of filling out a check. On the form, the date is indicated below the location on the line printed for this purpose.

The date determines the starting point for the validity of the check. After the legal period of one year and 8 days, it is no longer possible to cash the check.

To the right of the check, just below the box with the amount, you must specify the place and date of issue of the check.

The bank can accept checks at any moment, so you need to be sure your account has enough money to cover the check.

A financial institution is not permitted to wait until the date on the check, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

By placing a future date on a check, you can postdate it and hope that it won’t be cashed until that time the place of issue of the check is the name of the municipality where you are located when you write the check;

Although this practice is common for certain high-end commercial transactions, it is not recommended because it requires good trust in the check recipient.

All checks are payable on demand, which implies that the recipient can return the check to their bank upon delivery well before the indicated issue date.

3. Write The Beneficiary Name

Once you indicate the check amount in numbers and words, you must specify the beneficiary.

Whether it is an individual or a company, correctly spelling the recipient’s name is crucial.

Just after the box for the amount in words comes the line to identify the check recipient. The latter may be an individual or a company. Whatever the person’s status, it is imperative to spell their name correctly; otherwise, the check will be rejected.

It is imperative to write the check in the name of the entrepreneur and not in the name of the brand or business name.

This is particularly the case for individual entrepreneurs. On a check the bank gives, the issuer’s and drawee’s names and contact details are pre-printed.

However, the drawer must mention the name and first name of the beneficiary preceded by Mr. or Mrs.

4. Append Your Signature

To fill out a check, the 6th step, and not the least, is to sign it once the information has been reread and validated.

The signature mentioned appears below that of the date and must not infringe on the control number appearing below.  Without the issuer’s signature, the check is invalid.

To avoid problems in the event of an audit, it must be the same as that of the banking agreement and identical for each check. Once the check has been completed and proofread, it must be signed.

This last step is carried out below the date and the words “signature.”

By signing the check, you authorize your financial institution to deduct the amount indicated on the check from your account balance and pay the payee the amount stated on the check. Use the same signature style that is on file with your bank.

Your check might not be valid if the way you signed it differs from what the bank has on file.

How to write a check for $40

How to Write 40 Dollars On a Check with Cents

For example, if you have to pay $40 and 40 cents ($40.75). Use a decimal point to separate the dollars and cents, and write the initial digit as close to the dollar sign as possible.

  • Write “$40.75” in the dollar symbol box.
  • Write “Forty and 75/100” dollar word line.

How to Write 40 Dollars On a Check with Cents

FAQs on How To Write A Check For 40 Dollars

How To Write A Check For $40?

You can write a check for $40 by following the instructions as we laid them out in this blog post.

How To Write A Check With Thousands And Cents?

You can write a check with a thousand and a cent as One Thousand Dollars and 00/100.  

How Do You Write 40?

The forty-dollar check will be written as $40. But remember, when you are writing the amount in the figure, you don’t have to put the dollar sign. It is fixed on the check already.

How To Write A Check With Cents?

It will be written as “the amount in thousand and hundred with “00/100” at the end. The 00 represents the cent figures. E.g., 75.100 that for 75 cents.

Forty Dollars And Zero Cents

It will be written as “$40.00”. It will be reported as Forty dollars and 00/100 if it is in Word.

How To Write Check Amount In Words With Cents?

Any check ending with a cent figure will be written as e,g $ 25,500.34 will be registered as “Twenty thousand and five hundred dollars and 34/100″.


Ensure that the check does not contain any apparent alterations,

scratches, erasures, stains, etc. and that all the mandatory information appears on the check. 

Please note that the absence of visible anomalies is not a guarantee against the risk of counterfeiting.

Conversely, the presence of an anomaly does not necessarily mean the existence of an attempted fraud.

Fill in the beneficiary’s name without leaving any space in front and draw a line over the remaining area behind, or ensure the beneficiary completes it in front of you.

Indicate the current date and the place of issue, then sign your check without going beyond the line of numbers at the bottom of the check so as not to interfere with processing.

If a machine fills out the check, verify it and sign it after checking the legibility and accuracy of the information printed by the device.

To make it easier to maintain your account, note on the check stub the amount, date, and beneficiary issued.


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