How to Write A Check With Cents

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Stage 1: Write Out The Date On The Check

The initial step of writing your check is to write the actual date on your check right in the upper right-hand corner.

While filling up the date, you will be using the date you are writing the check or the date you want to check to be cashed.

You can write the date out in full, or you can write out the date with numbers.

For example, You can write out the date in MM/DD/YYYY format or the date in Month Day, Year format.

That would seem to be 03/08/2022 or 8th March 2022. Anyway, you can write the date as you wish but make sure it’s understood and written.

Stage 1: Write Out The Date On The Check

Stage 2: Write Who You Are Paying The Check To

The next step you want to take is to write up the name of who the check is for in the line marked “Pay to the Order Of.”

This might be for an individual or an organization, and you will need to check the correct spelling of their name before you finish this segment up.

You will require the specific name of the individual or the organization.

I generally prefer to explain to the organization or individual the specific spelling. Hence, everything looks great when they deposit the check into their bank account.

It should take extra care and a minute on this as it’s a significant step while writing out a check.

Stage 2: Write Who You Are Paying The Check To

Stage 3: Write the Actual Amount in Figure

On the following line, you will use the numbers to write out the total amount the check is for. This is the amount you are paying the individual or organization.

In this little box on the right half of the check, you will need to ensure you are writing the numerical sum as near the left half of the box as possible, as this keeps frauds from putting one more number in there to make the sum bigger.

For instance, if you write $120.45 but put it in the sum box, it would be straightforward to make the sum $1200.25.

Make sure you make it figure clear and eligible enough to clear any doubt. You don’t need to write the dollar sign again, as it has been taken care of.

Stage 3: Write the Actual Amount in Figure

Stage 4: Write The Actual Sum In Words

This is generally where many individuals get stumped when writing a check.

On this line, you will write the dollar sum in words, so it matches what you write in the numerical box. This is done to confirm that this is the specific sum you want to pay.

Writing a check with a cent is writing “and” then putting the cents as a small part of a dollar. In this way, you’d write XX/100, where XX is how many cents the check is for.

It’s vital to utilize clear and eligible handwriting. Hence, there are no issues concerning the amount when the individual goes to deposit the check.

After you write out the sum in words, you want to define a boundary toward the end of your words. Don’t occupy the whole space. The line clarifies that nothing else should be there.

While writing the words on the check, you must include both the dollars and cents.

You will need to use the words ” and ” between the dollars and cents.

Stage 4: Write The Actual Sum In Words

Stage 5: Fill Up The Memo Line

On this line, you are making a note that expresses out loud whatever the check is for.

For instance, if you wrote a check  for fixing a broken water pipe in the house, record it as “plumbing work.”

It’s a decent method for remaining organized and up to date.

There are different ideas on the things you might write in the memo line; it may be a Birthday present, Tuition fees, Worker’s Salary, and Wedding gift.

You can also write your billing account number (it will assist with recognizing your check, assuming it gets lost or isolated).

However, not every person writes up the memo line. Be that as it may, even if the person you are paying didn’t request it, it’s advisable you do because it will assist you in recalling precisely the exact thing the check was for.

Stage 5: Fill Up The Memo Line

Stage 6: Sign The Check

The final step is to sign the check. This lets the bank know that you authorize the bank to pay the sum on the check to the person presenting the check.

The beneficiary can’t keep a check except if it has been agreed upon.

It’s best not to sign the check until the other information on the check is finished. Doing this will help you safeguard your check against fraud.

Whenever you have signed the check with your particular signature on the signature line, you have almost finished the check-writing process.

Sample Check on How to Write A Check Dollar With Cents

 Sample Check on How to Write A Check Dollar With Cents

Final Thought

Writing a check with the cents is not difficult, but the steps mentioned above must be followed as laid out.

Also, mistakes must be avoided, like the wrong name, the inconsistency in figure and word amount, and the signature must be correct and consistent with the bank’s record.

However, they must take precautions to safeguard the check from theft and fraud. It would help if you did not also use a pencil to write a check; the pen must be clear and eligible.

Check out the Video on How to Write A Check With Cents:


How do you write a check with cents in words?

Answer: For instance, if you are paying $150.50 with a check, you will write as thus “One hundred fifty and 50/100.” To write a check with cents, make sure to put the cent’s sum more than 100.

How do you denote cents on a check?

Answer: Write the sum in numeric structure in the dollar box on the right half of your check close to the dollar sign (“$”). Begin by writing the number of dollars, followed by a decimal point or period (“.”), and afterward the number of cents.

How do you write in cents?

Answer: You can start by writing how many cents by the amount of the coins and adding a penny sign (¢) after it. This shows how much cash is comprised of coins under 1 dollar.

How do you write 4 cents on a check?

Answer: To write a check with 4 cents, begin by filling the sum box under the dateline with the sum you’re writing the check for. Demarcate the dollar sum and cents sum by a decimal point.

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