how to write a check without cents

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Contrary to what some people believe , which is that writing a Paper check has gradually become old-fashioned, paper checks are common even though you can’t recall the last time you wrote one.

Although it is more common to pay bills online or buy things by swiping your card, there may come a time when neither option is available.

In some circumstances, you might be approached to make a payment with a check for a dollar amount.  Here is how to write a paper check for an amount that’s without cents

Step #1:- Enter The Date

 Enter The Date

Enter the date of writing the check in the way permitted on the check.  Like DD/MM/YYY or MM/DD/YYYY.

This is helpful, as some banks don’t permit the exchange of transactions after a couple of months from the date on the check.

Likewise, you cannot deposit or cash the check before the date written on it.

You can see the bank’s routing number and your account number at the lower part of the check.

Step #2:- Write the Name or Company Name

Write the Name or the name  Company to whom the check is being written.  For instance, in case you are writing a check to your landlord and if your landlord has a company, say Reclaim Dollar LLC, and he is Tom Black, you can write Tom Black, with Reclaim Dollar LLC.

You should pay attention as any mistake here can make you lose money to fraud.

Step #2:- write the name

Step #3:- Write the Check Amount Without the Cents

Write the check amount in numbers without cents in the box meant for it.  Since the case already has the dollar sign, you don’t have to write the dollar sign; you have to write the numerical worth of the amount you need to pay.  As you need to write a check with zero cents, put dots after the sum to be paid and two zeroes.

Step #3:Write the Check Amount Without the Cents

Step #4:- Enter the Sum To Be Paid in Words

Write the amount to be paid in words in the space provided on the check.  Be cautious while writing this part, as no overwriting is permitted, and write no/100 after writing the sum so nobody could add anything more there.

Remember, changing the amount of the check is easier and more straightforward without the decimal zero.

Step #4:Enter Sum To Be Paid in Words

Step #5:- Add the “Memo” Info

This is the space where you can write the reason for the payment.  You can give a short description of the nature of the payment.  It’s optional, but if you think you need it as a reminder, you can go ahead and write it.

For instance, you can write payment for the house’s monthly rent as “house rent”. It would be best if you made it simple and short.

Step #5:Add the “Memo”Info

Step #6:- Sign The Check Correctly

The last step is to sign the check.  This is final approval from you to the bank that the amount written on the check should be drawn from your account and paid to the payee’s account or by cash.

Make sure your signature on the check matches the one you provided to the bank when you opened your account by being cautious.

Step #6:- Sign The Check Correctly

Find Below The Complete Video on How to Write a Check With Zero Cent

Final Thought

When writing a check, note that the amount will be drawn on the check.  You should write the correct amount in dollars and cents on the assigned line of the check.

For example, if you write a check for, say, 2000 bucks and zero cents, you want to indicate that clearly in the check.

It’s critical to explain that no cents were planned in any case.  When you know the right method for writing a check, you increase the possibility of it being accepted, and only accurate figures will be drawn from that check.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: How do you write a check for 100 dollars without cents?

Answer: Writing a check for $100 without cents is easy for you or someone.   You can write “One hundred and 00/100 dollars.  However, the bank may accept just 100 dollars or 100 even dollars.

Question: Do you include cents when writing a check?

Answer:  No.  You don’t include the cents when writing a check, except the cents amount is included in the check’s total amount. However, when writing the check with cents.

Remember to put the cent amount over 100.

For instance, if you want to write $200.50, you can write it as “Two Hundred and 50/100.”

Question: What does 00/100 mean on a check?

Answer: If you are writing a check for the sum of  $100, state “100.00” in the little box and “one hundred and 00/100” in the bigger box. This is to indicate that the check is without a cent, meaning that the dollar amount is a complete figure.

Question: How to write a check with cents?

Answer: For instance, if you are paying $160.45, you will state, “One hundred sixty and 45/100.” To write a check with cents, ensure you put the cents amount over  100.  Even if the dollar sum is a round number, still put it as “and  00/100” for extra explanation.

Question: How to sign over a check to someone else?

Answer: If you want to write a check for someone else, state “Pay to the order of” and the person’s name below your signature.

To allow that person to draw the check, you need to write the name of the individual that to whom you are giving the check as the approval  to the bank that you are endorsing the exchange of cash for the check

Question: Can I write a check to myself?

Answer: Yes.  Writing a check to yourself is the same as writing one to some other account owner.

You will write your name as the payee under the “pay to the order for” area, state the amount, and sign it.

You can get the cash from the check by visiting your bank and discuss with the account representative or bank staff.

Question: Can I deposit a check for someone else?

Answer: Yes.  You can deposit a check for another person if it has the payee’s signature and incorporates the phrase “for deposit only.” The check can only be deposited, not cashed.

Question: Where can I cash a check I wrote to myself?

Answer: Your bank or credit union is the best place to cash a check.

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