Real Estate Side Hustle in 2022 to Make Money

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Are you looking for a job in Real Estate? There are many jobs in Real Estate Sector; some are full-time while some are part-time and side hustle.

Depending on your interest and skill, you can get any job you want in the real estate sector.

Can You Do Real Estate Side Jobs?

There are many job opportunities for those seeking a side job in the Real estate sector.

You can be a part-time real estate agent, as many brokerage firms want to hire part-time.

The most common way of becoming a part-time agent is equivalent to individuals preparing to become full-time agents. The following are the fundamental stages for turning into an authorized realtor, part-time or full-time.

A job in part-time real estate is one of the most famous side hustles out there since it extends to flexibility. These are the only reason why taking up a job in real estate is a good side hustle.

How to do Real Estate Side Jobs?

There are many ways you can get involved and make money in real estate as a side job. These make it low-hanging fruit for those looking for a side job to make money. Below are the ways to engage in real estate side jobs in 2023.

1.  Facility Manager

Income : $46k – $101k

Facility Manager Real Estate Side Hustle to Make Money

The Facility Manager is an individual that collects rentals from the Tenant and takes care of the property properly.

No rule compelled a property manager to handle 1000s of rentals all alone simultaneously.

Well-trained manager with excellent human relations skills and the ability to keep tenants cheerful, a part-time property manager can work on autopilot while gathering monthly management of around 8% of the monthly rent.

2.  Investing In REIT

Investing your savings into a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) can be a profitable side job to produce constant profits and dividends.

There are many Public traded REITs like stocks and bonds. They provide an opportunity to invest in various real estate classes.

High return REITs that deliver 7% or more profits are in the Mortgage loan, commercial and shopping land, and medical care sector.

3.  Part-Time Real Estate Agent

Income:  $65,244 a year

Although this doesn’t require a college education but requires a license, Estate agents receive a 3% commission or more every time they sell a home.

Many Real Estate doesn’t need their agent to work full time, which makes getting a license and working as an agent one of the possible real estate side jobs around.

4.  House Flipper

Income:  $65,244 a year

House flipping is a real estate side job for individuals with regular work who expect to make money on another side hustle.

However, this requires you to be in the field to make it easier to meet with a contractor and handyman who will do the genuine recovery work.

Flipping homes requires more money than a few other jobs in real estate, but the returns from house flipping are worth the effort and investment If done correctly.

5.  Bookkeeping

Income: $48,750 per year

bookkeeping Real Estate Side Hustle

Real estate investors turn into someone else to prepare the books for bookkeeping. You can earn money from real estate by preparing financial records. The beauty of this is that you don’t need an accounting degree; there is software to automate income and expenses.

6.  Social Media

Social media channels are the most potent advertising instruments that numerous real estate lack the opportunity and willpower to utilize.

Keeping content streaming to web-based entertainment stages like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn can produce repeating pay for land estate social media consultants.

7.  Public Notary

Income:$42,500 per year

Notary provides legal services such as certifying copies and Admin Oath, overseeing documents and agreement signings.

However, various standards turn into legal official changes from one state to another. A public notary should be of lawful age, be an American resident, and be a legitimate occupant of the state where service is to be delivered.

8.  Vacation Rentals

Using your primary living residence as a  short let for visitors and excursions can produce genuine side cash in certain regions.

That is because visitors frequently search for a lodging option that’s not costly like hotels and enjoy the experience of residing where local people do.

9.  Wholesale In Real Estate

Income: $92,396 to $122,241

Wholesale In Real Estate Side Hustle

To make money, Under this arrangement,  you’ll need to get a property that’s ready for sale and look for a willing buyer for the Property.

To profit, you need to sell the house to a buyer ready to pay more than you purchased it and pocket the benefits.

This can be incredible for rapidly acquiring some side pay, and you might procure a vast number of dollars each year if you become experienced enough.

10.  Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the business idea where you sell a product you don’t own or create.

To earn an affiliate commission in real estate, you have to look at a property under sale, talk to the agent in charge, and discuss and promote the Property.

However, you must be good at marketing to succeed, even though you can do this at your comfortable time with the help of the internet.

When promoting, you will send the potential buyers to the agent, and you will receive a commission when sales are made.

11. Virtual Assistance

Real Estate professionals who are executives hardly have time to schedule a meeting, and answering mail is critical for the smooth running of the business.

You can make money from handling all these tasks with the help of the internet from anywhere you are.

If you have interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to perform tasks like answering calls, scheduling meetings, replying to emails and fax and filling out property documents.

12. Put your House on Airbnb

To earn side income in real estate, you can list your home on Airbnb. This well-known rental platform permits anybody to bring in cash to allow individuals to remain in their carport, spare room, or some other agreeable space.

With the Airbnb business model, you can be making extra money from your Property, especially if you have spare rooms and spaces you are currently utilizing and ready to let out.

13. Blogging on Real Estate

Blogging is one of the popular ways of making side money online. Still, unlike others, it doesn’t give you money immediately.

But if you can build your website by writing informative and educative information about real estate, discuss different investment opportunities with investors in real estate.

You can start making money once you begin having traffic inflow on your site from google search and other traffic sources.


Taking jobs in the real estate sector doesn’t start and end with buying and selling Property.

You can take a side job in the sector by considering any options discussed in the article.

Each of them has the prerequisite and skill required to do the job; take one of them, grind on it till you start making money from it.

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